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Workplace Specialist

Many large companies today rely on professional management systems, such as Configuration Manager. This solution can manage the entire lifecycle of a workstation, for which it offers countless functions and features, although only a few companies use its full potential.

As a result, hardware, BIOS, and firmware updates are usually done manually or not taken care of at all: Patch management remains limited to Microsoft products, while application management is done through simple automatic application installation, without creating a professional software catalog. Windows installation is automatic, but many configurations are left to default or alternatively configured.

Workplace Specialist

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of Configuration Manager, our Workplace specialists can automatically manage not only the installation of Windows, but also automatic updates of BIOS, firmware, and additional devices such as docking stations. However, their intervention is not limited to the operating system: all necessary settings are made fully automatically, including localization and management of multilingual packages. This means that our Workplace specialists are also Workplace engineers and architects and are therefore employed at all levels of the process.

Fundamentals: software packaging and distribution

The spearhead of our service is software packaging: the Software Packager creates packages for software distribution and automatic installation. In this way, it lays the foundation for our software catalog.

When a new version is released, the software catalog allows you to distribute and install the software securely and efficiently-a service we also offer to large companies on a fixed-price subscription basis.

Our services include all stages: from software rental, preliminary review and package packaging, to testing and customer acceptance. Of course, we also take care of maintenance.

Workplace Specialist

With our many years of experience in Workplace, Managed Desktop and Managed Security with Configuration Manager, we have established ourselves as one of Switzerland's leading providers of Configuration Manager as a Service. Whether it is dedicated hosting in our data center or infrastructure management in the customer's data center, in the area of Managed Workplaces we have a unique position throughout Switzerland.

Maximum efficiency: the combination of Citrix Gateway Services and VDI

Our specialized Workplace consulting services are not limited to physical workstations. We can draw on many years of experience in terminal servers in our work, dating back to the days when Citrix launched its MetaFrame product, which is now the market leader.

With this knowledge, we have combined the benefits of Configuration Manager with the power of Citrix software, both on the remote desktop and in the virtual desktop infrastructure. The result offers maximum benefits for our customers: with Configuration Manager we can automate Citrix infrastructure efficiently and quickly, significantly reducing management costs and enabling efficient and error-free management of the infrastructure.

Workplace Specialist

However, the benefits are not limited to server infrastructure. We can also offer services and consulting for Citrix ADC (Citrix NetScaler) and Citrix Gateway. Our specialists take care of basic functions such as gateway services and proxy for Microsoft Exchange, but are also able to configure Citrix ADC as a proxy for Microsoft SharePoint and other products.

Citrix ADC Premium Edition with advanced WAF (Web Application Firewall) capabilities completes our security offering and allows you to protect incoming web traffic.

Our premium services

Our premium services for Configuration Manager and Citrix are the flagship of our portfolio. As a customer, you benefit from versatile and technically mature solutions that also enable dramatic reductions in IT costs.

Combined Configuration Manager − Premium Services:

  • Software catalog on an annual subscription basis
  • Software Packager at customer site for a defined period of time
  • Device driver management for selected Lenovo enterprise devices on an annual subscription basis
  • ConfigMgr as a Service (dedicated hosting of Configuration Manager)
  • Configuration Manager: proof of concept and architecture, installation, migration, upgrade, scripting, automation and training
  • Workplace Engineering and Workplace Architect services.
  • Windows migrations


Combined Citrix − Premium Services:

  • Citrix as a Service (dedicated hosting of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops)
  • IGEL as a Service (management of IGEL thin clients, including hardware)
  • Proof of concept and architecture, installation, migration, upgrade, scripting, automation and training for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix ADC
  • Workplace Engineering and Workplace Architect services.
  • Automation and management of software packages for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops with Microsoft Configuration Manager


Citrix Premium Services

Combined Software Catalog for ConfigMgr

Combined Software Catalog combines the advantages of patch management with those of enterprise software packaging. It is a comprehensive software catalog that includes hundreds of standard applications and can be expanded with various special applications.

Basic services:

  • Administration software for Configuration Manager and Intune: all the software packages you request are transferred from our catalog to your servers. The desired applications are created in Configuration Manager and Intune.
  • Online or on-site training by arrangement.
  • Delivery of new application packages 1 to 5 days after release by the manufacturer (best effort).
  • Quality assurance on our Configuration Manager environment.
  • Tailoring packages to your infrastructure.
  • Combined Software Catalog Silver Edition (freeware and open source applications) or Gold Edition (licensed and specialized applications)


Additional services:

  • All configuration changes and adjustments that require more than 1 hour of work per order or per month.
  • Extensive testing of specific device types at the customer site.
  • Maintenance and support of Configuration Manager infrastructure, all work not related to Combined Software Catalog.
  • Problem analysis for malfunctioning applications, clarification with the manufacturer.


Monthly price, Silver Edition: ConfigMgr CHF 195.00, excluding VAT / Intune CHF 390.00, excluding VAT
Monthly price, Gold Edition: ConfigMgr CHF 247.00, excluding VAT / Intune CHF 494.00, excluding VAT
Price independent of the number of user devices
Contract term: minimum 1 year
Termination period: 3 months
No installation costs

Hourly rate

All Workplace services: CHF 195.00/hour

Forfait packages and project prices upon request.

Payment term: 10 days net. All prices excluding VAT.

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