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Cyber Security Specialist

As experienced Managed Security Services specialists, we know the threats from cyberspace with which companies must constantly contend. It is no coincidence that cybersecurity has long been a topic outside of insider circles. Cybersecurity will continue to gain importance in the future.

Unfortunately, in practice it often happens that budgets are not discussed and measures are not taken until an emergency occurs. But it is usually too late and the damage has already been done. Moreover, the costs, such as for data restoration, are usually much higher after a hacker attack than professional and preventive protection.

Therefore, to ensure safe and uninterrupted operations, it is crucial that an IT security specialist ensures the security of a company's IT environment. As your partner, we take care of this task for you so that you can focus on your core business undisturbed.

Managed Security

Kaspersky: The reliable cybersecurity solution in every case

Kaspersky is a leading global provider of award-winning security solutions. Combined Networks GmbH has the expertise and experience to optimally implement these solutions in your company. This allows us to generate real added value while containing costs.

Most companies today use Windows Defender, which is integrated into the Microsoft operating system. In expert circles, however, it is undisputed that this tool does not provide sufficient protection. It is true that its performance has improved in recent years, especially when dealing with known malware. However, Windows Defender often fails when it comes to unknown malware and so-called fileless attacks.

Managed Security

For Combined SECUREworkplace, we therefore rely on Kaspersky's proven security solutions, which offer protection against cyber-attacks of all types. This is thanks to the use of advanced technologies and methods such as Deep Machine Learning, Big Data analytics or Cloud Threat Intelligence, just to name a few. By constantly re-evaluating different attack patterns, Kaspersky's security solution continuously integrates new protection mechanisms. The comprehensive defense functions of Kaspersky Endpoint Security also convince through intelligent features such as finely graded policy setting for malware outbreaks, Adaptive Anomaly Control and automatic rollback of malicious actions.

The partnership with Kaspersky makes Combined SECUREworkplace the most modern and secure workplace in Switzerland, both in terms of security and data protection.

However, Kaspersky is not only at the forefront of technology, but also of transparency. Since the company moved its data storage facility to Switzerland in 2018, program code and the entire infrastructure can be viewed at the company's Transparency Center in Zurich. Several governments and large companies have already taken advantage of this unique opportunity, and so far, no backdoors or other anomalies have been detected.

Managed Endpoint Security

The Combined SECUREworkplace solution offers almost all the functions and possibilities that characterize a modern workstation. Since the solution is also fully automated and managed, you can focus completely on your core business. As a managed service provider, we take care of all aspects of workplace: Managed Endpoint Security software monitoring and updates, patch management for all applications and operating system updates, and administrative tasks. All with the goal of disrupting users as little as possible and ensuring the most secure and efficient workstations possible.

Not only end customers, but also IT vendors benefit from our modern Combined SECUREworkplace: we take care of the complex administration of the managed security solution, leaving them more time to take care of end customers.

Combined Networks GmbH is your Workplace specialist and offers the security and management solution with the best price/performance ratio in Switzerland.

Managed Security

Hourly rate

All security services: CHF 247.00/hour

Forfait packages and project prices upon request.

Payment term: 10 days net. All prices excluding VAT.

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