About Combined - English

Our strength, basic principle and philosophy

We are an independent IT-company which has the goal to offer all services, which usually are only available for big companies, to the SEMs. As a result, the SEMs have the same chance and the same access to IT-infrastructures as the big companies. We are a technology-company that speaks the language of the customer and understands their needs.

With this mind we don't offer products but solutions that correspond to the needs of our customers. Our customers are partners and we are connected with them by much more than a business relation. We build on a long-standing successful partnership with our customers.

Green IT

Combined is committed to an intelligent and sustainable increasing of the efficiency and saving of energy. 100% of the energy we use comes from renewable energies. Our cloud services operate from a 100%-CO2-neutral data center deep in the Swiss mountains.

We support actively campaigns such as „Home Office Day“ and similar.

Thanks to home office and virtual meetings, we increase our efficiency and reduce the travelling expenses and travel times.


Stefano Bosio

After a bank education Stefano Bosio got into computer science 1996. 2001 he changed as a system engineer to the Südostschweizer Medien, where he was responsible for server and client developing; specialized for Microsoft. After many interesting projects like the creation of datacenters and virtualisation platforms, he changed in 2010 to the company Softec. There he was team leader of the platform engineering team and was active as a Citrix architect. 2010 he changed to Dinotronic AG and specialized further in the Hosting and Cloud Services field; primarily Microsoft System Center and Hyper-V.

Natalya Bosio

As central contact point of the company I will help you with your questions and reports and pass on the request to the responsible person. I also deal with all the administrative tasks and support in this way the management and the specialists.