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Combined Networks GmbH is an independent IT company based in Zug. As Workplace specialists, we provide, among other things, the Combined SECUREworkplace software solution, which we developed ourselves. We also offer our clients professional solutions and consulting services in the area of managed security.

The owner and managing director of Combined Networks GmbH is Stefano Bosio, an IT specialist with decades of experience.

Combined Networks GmbH

Hello, dear visitors to my site, my name is Stefano Bosio

Combined Networks GmbH

I have been involved in the implementation and deployment of IT solutions for companies for many years. As a result, I know exactly the situation of companies that are about to take the step toward digitalization. I also know how important it is, especially for SMEs, to be accompanied by an experienced professional when taking this step, because the path in the IT world is not always without obstacles.

I am happy to offer my support here. But first I would like to tell you a few things about myself and my career:

From banker to IT specialist...

It was not IT, but carpentry and banking that marked the beginning of my professional life. I grew up at my parents' carpentry shop in the Italian-speaking Grisons. However, contrary to my initial plans, my career path did not lead me to a master carpenter's degree, but to a large Swiss bank, where I successfully completed a banking apprenticeship in the 1990s.

But as I discovered in various positions at my employer's branches, my real passion was not banking, but the digital world. As part of my daily work, I started very early on in information technology, which at that time was still in its infancy. The career change was evident when my employer offered me a job in the bank's IT department in Chur, which I gratefully accepted.

Here, in Switzerland's oldest city, I took my first professional steps in the world of information technology and a new horizon opened up for me. In my function as a client engineer, I assisted the employees of all branches in the canton. My main goal was always to enable them to work productively and without interruption. At the same time, I was able to acquire a lot of specialized knowledge. However, almost more important for me was the realization of how indispensable personal advice, interpersonal contact and trust are when dealing with complex IT problems in an efficient and satisfactory way for all parties.

Combined Networks GmbH
Combined Networks GmbH

A particular professional challenge at that time was the worldwide shift of the year numbers from two to four digits as the new millennium began. The fear of the so-called Y2K was great, in professional circles and beyond, but in retrospect it proved to be largely unfounded.

My professional experience increasingly served me privately as well: in addition to working for my employer, I digitized the processes of my parents' carpentry shop step by step. In doing so, I laid the foundation for the company's transition into a new digital era.

...up to independent businessman

After a good ten years, the merger of my employer with another large Swiss bank finally awakened in me the need for change. One reason was the much more impersonal working conditions of the new group. Of course, it was not an easy step for me to take. But the need for a work environment that was also fair on a personal level prevailed.

In retrospect, however, the move to the IT department of the largest publishing group in Canton Graubünden turned out to be right, because it allowed me to grow further. Professionally, I was given the challenge of implementing new projects with Citrix MetaFrame remote software. In the company's data center, I was also able to deepen my knowledge on all relevant IT topics, from terminal servers to virtualization, from messaging to databases.

Again, however, the desire for change and new challenges grew over the years but could not be realized due to the lack of professional alternatives in a small town like Chur. The solution finally came with a move to the Canton of Zug, where I have since worked for several specialized IT companies and implemented IT solutions for companies of all types and sizes.

Combined Networks GmbH
Combined Networks GmbH

In 2015, I founded my own company, Combined Networks GmbH, in parallel with my permanent position. After several years of working double jobs, in 2020, the year of the crisis, I finally put all my eggs in one basket: I started working exclusively for my own company.

If you have followed me this far, I hope you have been able to get an idea of my expertise. Based on my personal experience, I know how to accompany your company on its path to the digital future as well. I would be glad to take on this challenge together with you!

We will be glad to inform you personally about our services.

Certifications and skills

Commvault Solution Architect, 2024
Commvault Technical Sales Professional, 2024
Commvault Sales Professional, 2024
IGEL Certified Professional for COSMOS, 2024

Fortinet Certified Fundamentals in Cybersecurity, 2023
Fortinet Certified Associate in Cybersecurity, 2023
IGEL Foundations COSMOS, 2023
IGEL Certified Sales Professional for COSMOS, 2023
Kaspersky Sales Specialist - Endpoint Security for Business, 2023

Fortinet NSE 1 Network Security Associate, 2022
Fortinet NSE 2 Network Security Associate, 2022
Kaspersky Certified Professional - Security Center for Managed Service Providers, 2022
Kaspersky Accomplishment Sales - MSP Sales, 2022
Kaspersky Accomplishment Technical - Security Center for MSP, 2022

Kaspersky Certified Professional – Kaspersky EDR Optimum, 2021
Kaspersky Sales Specialist – Optimum Security, 2021
Kaspersky Sales Specialist - Endpoint Security for Business, 2021
Veeam Certified Sales Professional (VMSP), 2021
Veeam Certified Technical Sales Professional (VMTSP), 2021
Citrix Certified Associate - App Delivery and Security (CCA - AppDS), 2021
Fortinet NSE 3 Network Security Associate, 2021
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), 2021

Citrix Certified Expert (CCE-V), 2020
IGEL Certified Professional, 2020
IGEL Certified Sales Professional, 2020
Veeam Certified Sales Professional (VMSP), 2020
Veeam Certified Technical Sales Professional (VMTSP), 2020

Citrix Networking for Apps & Mobile Security Specialist Practicum, 2019
Fortinet NSE 1 Network Security Associate, 2019
Fortinet NSE 2 Network Security Associate, 2019
Fortinet NSE 3 Network Security Associate, 2019

Kaspersky Professional Security Endpoint for Windows, 2017
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Associate, 2017
Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management Small Business, 2017
Fortinet NSE 3 Network Security Associate, 2017
SEPPmail Certified System Engineer (SCSE), 2017